Saturday, August 13, 2016

James Arthur Haigh: 1937-2016

James Arthur Haigh was born in 1937 to James Arthur Haigh and Marie Loretta Brisson, he was the first of four children born to this couple.

Jim grew up in Smithfield, RI and lived there most of his life, however, he did live in MA, NE, and IA in his lifetime. He graduated from URI, with post graduate work out of the Univ. of Wisconsin, Iowa State University and Univ. of Iowa. He was licensed as a Professional Engineer in RI in 1973. He was also a member of multiple engineering societies, a guest speaker and a seminar presenter. 

Jim married Joyce P. Malone in 1963 and together they had four children. Jim was involved in a large variety of activities from politics to the community and church, but he always felt his greatest achievement in life was his dedication to his loving wife and 4 children.

Jim was one of my 45 first cousins on my dad's side and out of all of them, he was the oldest I knew. There were a few others that were older, but I never had the opportunity to get to know them like I did with Jim. We often spoke about family, kept in touch by phone and when in the area we would go out and enjoy lunch together.

His wife Joyce was wonderful and very involved in scouting as was he, along with genealogy and learning about his ancestors. I helped him go back a number of generations to England two Christmases ago and he was so thrilled to learn about all of those ancestors along with being part of the Brisson and Haigh legacy.

Unfortunately, his wife, Joyce, passed away in 1992 after a horrible battle with cancer. It was a terrible loss to him and their children. Jim recently passed away unexpectedly, he was 79 years old. Our many phone calls and his opportunity to continue that bond between father and children and cousins grew over time and is now gone.

He wrote his own obituary in May, 2015, here is a link to it. Whenever we'd talk or get together, it was always good fun, talking about days gone by, children, family, growing up and of course, what new things were going on. He always made time to attend funerals of aunts and uncles and visited them when opportunities came along. 

He will be missed by his own children, his siblings and all those he interacted with each and every day. May he rest in peace.

James Arthur Haigh: 1937-2016