Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ernest Reynolds Gimson

Ernest Reynolds Gimson was born 23 May 1888 in Linton, Cambridge, England to Joseph William Stallabrass Gimson and Elizabeth Ann Reynolds. He was the youngest member of their precious family. His story is truely an amazing one as he was a remarkable man who not only served his country in World War 1 but was a dedicate father and grandfather who would do anything to help anyone in need, he truely exemplified service to ones fellow men.

He married Gladys Hilda Wakefield on 30 September 1915 in the Congregational Church of Sawston, Cambridge, England. Soon after their marriage World War 1 began and he was part of the Gun Section, 1st Cambridgeshire Regiment. He was wounded in this war and received two war medals, the British War Medal and the Victory Medal. These have been passed down to his descendants and are a reminder of his dedicated service.

Together with Gladys they had five children, two boys and three girls, unfortunately, their 2nd son, Roy only lived a few hours. They stayed in England for awhile after the war but eventually immigrated to Western Australia in 1927 and settled in Babakin where Ernest purchased a piece of land that had a general store on it. This store was their lively hood for many years and is still standing today. Ernest's talents were many and he was handy at just about everything he needed to know to run the general store and raise his family, he was a man of many talents and a well respected member of his community.

They stayed in Western Australia until 1944 when their 1st son Ernest William Gimson was listed as Missing in Action off Malta in 1941. Ernest sold his property and joined his brother Robert in Pendle Hills, New South Wales and lived on the property next to his brother. Together with his brother they managed a poultry farm for a number of years. In 1959 he bought property and settled in Guildford, New South Wales. He loved gardening and had a rockery and built a shed on the property. Unfortunately, he only lived for a couple of years on this property and died on 2 August 1961 leaving a wife, three children and three grandchildren. His love for life and dedication to serving others lives on today through his descendants which are many.

He is remembered with deep reverance and precious memories. 

In addition, Memorial Day is tradionally celebrated in the United States on May 31st. It is a day set aside to honor all those who have died serving their country. Consequently, we think of Ernest's service to his country in World War 1 and his son, Ernest, who died while serving his country in World War 2. May we never forget them.

Ernest Reynolds Gimson: 23 May 1888 - 2 August 1961