Sunday, December 29, 2013

Family-Christmas..The Gift of Time...

     The word art in this blog are the names of the family members who touched our lives this Christmas and mean the world to us. When it comes to the holidays, craziness can settle in and take over all sense of time and reality and yet, as individuals, traditionally, we so much want to make sure our loved ones have the best possible Christmas ever each year.

     Growing up in a large family and having a large family creates an energy of its own for Christmas. I can remember fondly many a Christmas full of excitement and wonder as a child and then as a parent who has carefully saved to provide the best possible gifts for their children.

     As time goes on, though, we realize the value of the bought gifts, the handmade gifts, elaborate gifts and the simple ones, but the ones I think we remember the most are the heartfelt ones given under difficult circumstances with much love and devotion in the process.

     Perhaps, the reason these kinds of gifts mean so much is because of the true gift we actually celebrate at Christmas; the birth of Jesus Christ here on the earth as a little baby, our Savior and King.

     This year I requested one thing from my children "time". To stay, chat, relax and take in the day as a family and enjoy the simple fact that we were able to be altogether at this point in time. It was a sincere request which they filled and added the love, laughter and joy that a family day can bring.

     I think as I recollect, that this has been a Christmas I will cherish and remember for many years to come as tomorrow is not promised to anyone and none of know where we will be next Christmas. I want to thank each and every family member for their love and devotion to our family.