Saturday, December 3, 2011

Marie Florentine Soucy Brisson

Marie Florentine Soucy was born 23 Jul 1855 in Rimouski, Quebec, Canada to Pierre (Prudent) Soucy and Mides-Neiges Thibault. She was the 2nd of eight children. Here is a copy of her baptismal record.

We find this family in the 1861, 1871, 1881 Canadian census living in various location in Rimouski, Quebec, Canada. Pierre, her father was a farmer.

Maire Florentine Soucy married Elzear Brisson on 4 Feb 1879 at St. Blanchard's Church, Rimouski, Quebec, Canada. Together with three children they immigrated to the United States in 1893 and settled in Providence, Rhode Island. This family is located living at 44 Howard Street, Providence, RI. This census states she has had 9 children but only 4 are living. It is difficult to imagine how it would have been to leave their country knowing that these 5 children were buried and their family moved on for perhaps a better life in a new country.

Ancestry's "Quebec Vital & Church Records 'Drouin Collection', 1621-1967" allowed me to locate the missing 5 children who lived very short lives:

1) Elzear Brisson: 3 Feb 1882 to 13 Feb 1882
2) Marie Delphine Brisson: 30 May 1883 to 12 Dec 1886
3) Pierre Irenee Brisson: 28 Nov 1884 to 4 Dec 1886
4) Marie Exilda Brisson: 10 Jan 1887 to 19 Nov 1887
5) Joseph Theodore Pamela Brisson: 7 Apr 1889 to 12 Sep 1889

Their next child was my grandfather, Omer Joseph Brisson born 14 Jan 1891. The family moved to the US after this birth as their daughter Marie Victoria Leontine Rose Brisson was born in Providence, RI on 3 Apr 1893. It must have been difficult to leave family and loved ones behind and yet they were able to relocate, settle down and the remainder of their family stayed in the RI area for many years. Some of their descendants moved out of the area but most stayed in New England.

The 1900 Census finds her husband, Elzear working for the Railway and unable to speak, read or write English as was the usual situation during this time period. Florence was also unable to speak, read or write English, however all of their children had learned English within the 7 years they had been in the US.

The 1910, 1920 Census shows the family living on Huntington Ave. where they stayed for many years.  Elzear contined to work for the railways and died in 1924, Florentine lived till 1937 and was living with her daughter Evelina's family still in Providence. They had 8 children and she was probably able to help out with their care. She is buried at St. Ann's Cemetery in Cranston, RI.

She leaves a great legacy of endurance through difficult times to the many descendants she has today along with courage to be able to settle in a new country, learn a new language and instill in her family all the good qualities needed to be a productive member of society.

Marie Florentine Soucy Brisson: 1855-1937