Monday, December 28, 2009

Alberic Theroux

Born 27 Dec 1855 to Joseph Theroux and Alida (Elida) Labbe in Yamaska, Quebec, Canada. Alberic a.k.a. Albert, grew up in the Lake Champlain area and was an accomplished yachtsman. He was one of seven children. Their family immigrated to the United States in 1866 according to the 1900 US Census records and they are listed in the 1870 US Census as living Warwick, RI.

He married Rose DeLima Limoges on 16 April 1882 and for the first few years of their
marriage they lived aboard a yacht which he captained for a friend. After the birth and death
of their first son, they moved on land and their next child was born on 23 Dec 1885. Rose loved
the water and often would take the ferry from Providence to Block Island.

Together they had a total of ten children with nine surviving to adult lives. Albert worked as a Loom fixer in the cotton mills, unfortunately, he died quite unexpectedly on his way home from work on 26 January, 1902, just before the birth of their last child on 14 March 1902. This left the raising of this large family in the hands of Rose. More about her in the next post!

Alberic Theroux 1855-1902

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Julie Anne Plante

Born December 23, 1891 in Sherebrooke, Canada to Laurent Plante and Maria Ruel, she was the 5th of 7 childen in this family. According to the 1910 census taken on April 22nd, 1910, her family immigrated here to the US in 1904 and settled in Providence, RI.

She was married on October 31, 1910 in Providence, RI. According to her descendants, she was an excellent seamstress and enjoyed cooking and baking which turned out to be a valuable asset later on as she had 16 children of her own. Unfortunately, she lost two of them soon after
they were born. She was only 63 when she died after dealing with
a variety of medical difficulties on June 17, 1954 and is buried in St. Ann's Cemetery in Cranston, RI with her husband, Omer J. Brisson, Sr. who died on October 4, 1959.

Many of her children went on to make great contributions in their respective fields with some serving in the World War II as well as becoming nurses, accountants, cooks and raising large families. She had a total of 60 grandchildren, however, many were born after she had passed away which was unfortunate for those who missed out on her wonderful cooking and great love of children. Many of her descendants still live in the Rhode Island area but are also scattered across the United States in various locations.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lovina Theroux Marotte

My grandmother, Lovina Theroux was born on December 23, 1885 in Pawtucket, RI to Alberic Theroux and Rose DeLima Limoges. She was the second of ten children with the first child, a boy, having died the day he was born. She was a very active young lady and attended school until she reached the 8th grade, at which point she was expected to find work to help support the family. She secured a job at a nearby cotton and lace factory while learning to play the piano from her mother along with all of her sisters. She became an accomplished pianist eventually giving piano lessons in the evenings and on Saturdays. She also completed her high school education by going to night school.

Originally she had plans to enter the convent, but after attending a farewell party for a friend, she met her husband, Alphonse Philip Marotte, who was her best friends' cousin! They married on June 24, 1907 and settled in Pawtucket, RI to raise a family. Her husband was the first in his family to own property in the United States as his father, Theodore Marotte, immigrated from Canada with his father in 1854.

She loved children and had nine children of her own, eight girls and one boy. According to her oldest daughter, Ozina Cora Marotte, she had an extraordinary green thumb and could grow anything. If she saw a plant along the road she liked and it was just about ready to die, she could bring it home and nurse it back to life! She loved to embroider and would sew their clothes along with beautiful quilts and lacey tablecloths. A trade she learned while working at the lace factory.

Unfortunately, she lost two of her daughters who died of Diptheheria in the early 1930s. It was a time of deep sorrow for her. She concentrated her efforts on the care of the rest of her family.

She died on October 20, 1945 after battling a number of physical aliments. She has passed on her musical talents, her love of education and her green thumb to many of her descendants.

As we turn to Mother's Day next month, let's remember all our ancestral mothers, even those we may never have met.

Remembered: Lovina Theroux Marotte 1885-1945