Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Eliza Audette Marotte

Eliza Audette was born in Rouville, Quebec, Canada on 16 April 1856 to Magloire Audette and Marceline Mace. Her baptism record lists her name as "Azilda Arsarine Audet", however, in each record where her name is listed, it is always mispelled somewhere! According to her granddaughter, Ozina Cora Marotte, she was always mentioned as "Grandma Eliza" in conversations with her grandfather Theodore Marotte as Eliza passed away before Ozina was born, in fact, her grandfather passed away when she was still young child herself.

We first find Eliza listed with her parents and brother Joseph in the 1861 Canadian Census where they are living in Rouville, Quebec.

She was the first of nine children. Her father, Magloire, was listed as a saddler on her baptismal record. A saddler was an individual who worked with leather. 

Their whole family immigrated to the United States sometime around 1866. While we located her family in the 1870 US Census she is not living with them and we don't locate her until the 1880 US Census where she is married to Theodore Marotte with their first child Albina. They were married on 9 Sep 1877 at Notre Dame Church, Central Falls, Rhode Island.

Together they had six children, Albena, Cora Anne, Alphonse, Alma, Alfred and Henry. Unfortunately, Henry died 15 days after his birth on 28 Feb 1888 however, she had died seven days earlier on the Feb 21st leaving her husband a widow with five children.

Sadly, there is no picture of her to date. While she died young, her skills and talents were passed onto her five children as they matured into individuals with many talents of their own. She immigrated to a new country, learned a new language and different customs and was able to be a good wife and mother until she died soon after the birth of her sixth child.

While these five children and her husband have long passed on, her talents and love of life have been passed on to her descendants who are scattered throughout the United States. As with all of our ancestors she is missed and we look forward to the day when we will be reunited in eternity.

Eliza Audette Marotte: 1856-1888