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Alphonse Arthur Marotte

Alphonse was born 5 Aug 1882 in Pawtucket, RI to Theodore Marotte and Eliza Audette and was the 3rd of 6 children, the first boy after two girls, Albena and Cora. Both his parents were born in Canada and his mother died days after the birth of their 6th child along with the child, Henry. His father eventually remarried and had 2 additional children with Adeline Ratte while living in Central Falls, RI. Later, his father, Theodore and 2nd Adeline settled in Burlington, VT, his father Theodore, died in 1921 and is buried there.

Alphonse stayed and settled in Pawtucket, RI. He was an individual with multiple talents and did whatever was necessary to provide for his large family. He married Lovina Theroux on 24 Jun 1907  in Pawtucket, together they had 9 children. Unfortunately, 2 of them died as children from diphtheria. He was the first one to own a home of the five remaining siblings.

The picture above was an advertisement for the New England Bakery where he worked as a salesman. He also use to deliver blocks of ice to homes on the back of a flat bed type hand drawn cart. Over time he started the Woodlawn Credit Union and remained the honorary president and director for many years after he retired. The Woodlawn Credit Union takes its name from the area and exists today on Main St. in Pawtucket. He was  a member of the Fraternal Order of Eagles and a 50 year member of the Societe Jacques Cartier both organizations placed a high value on the importance of home, family and community.

His wife died on 20 October, 1945, he died on 6 May, 1972 which is a lengthy time to be a widower. When he died he had 14 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren. His legacy is filled with accountants, musicians, nurses, seamstresses, teachers and many other fields that are useful in today's society.

Alphonse Arthur Marotte: 1882-1967

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