Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Omer Joseph Brisson, Sr.

          Omer Joseph Brisson, Sr. was born on 14 January 1891 in Ottawa, Carleton, Ontario to Elzear Brisson and Marie Florentine Soucy and baptised on 15 January 1891 . Although he was baptized as Joseph Omer Brisson according to his baptismal records, however, he had an older brother whose name was also Joseph and so he is listed in the census records as Omer along with Draft Registration cards. He immigrated on September 14th, 1893 according to his father's naturalization records. Most likely this family, like most, crossed the border at St. Albans, Vermont. Unfortuately, copies of the boarder crossings don't begin till 1895 and so his naturalization record stands as his statement of entry into the United States.
          The 1910 US Census was taken on 27 April 1910 and Omer is listed as a clerk in a grocery store. Later that year on halloween he marries Julia Anne Plante. The World War 1 draft registration entry dated 5 Jun 1917 he lists himself as a carpenter at the American Wollen Company in Olnyville with 3 children. The 1920 census so states the same employement and they now have 4 children, however, by the 1930 census he is again listed as a clerk for a market and has 11 children together with his wife Julia living in their home in Providence on Manton Ave.
          World War II Draft Registration taken on 27 April 1942 is referred to as the "Old Man's Registration" as all had to register. Omer did just that and is listed as working for I.G. LeFrancois on Westminster St., Providence. A check of the 1942 Providence City Directory shows this to be the Idola G. LeFrancois Meats Retail Establishment where he was a butcher. While he was too old to serve, some of his sons did serve in World War II honorably. Together they had 54 grandchildren and many great children.
          Omer's wife Julia died in 1954 and he died in 1959. They are buried in St. Ann's Cemetery in Cranston, Rhode Island. Their children and their grandchildren are spread out all over the United States and many have advanced their careers in many different fields.

Omer Joseph Brisson, Sr. 1891-1959