Monday, December 28, 2009

Alberic Theroux

Born 27 Dec 1855 to Joseph Theroux and Alida (Elida) Labbe in Yamaska, Quebec, Canada. Alberic a.k.a. Albert, grew up in the Lake Champlain area and was an accomplished yachtsman. He was one of seven children. Their family immigrated to the United States in 1866 according to the 1900 US Census records and they are listed in the 1870 US Census as living Warwick, RI.

He married Rose DeLima Limoges on 16 April 1882 and for the first few years of their
marriage they lived aboard a yacht which he captained for a friend. After the birth and death
of their first son, they moved on land and their next child was born on 23 Dec 1885. Rose loved
the water and often would take the ferry from Providence to Block Island.

Together they had a total of ten children with nine surviving to adult lives. Albert worked as a Loom fixer in the cotton mills, unfortunately, he died quite unexpectedly on his way home from work on 26 January, 1902, just before the birth of their last child on 14 March 1902. This left the raising of this large family in the hands of Rose. More about her in the next post!

Alberic Theroux 1855-1902