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Marie Beatrice Brisson Crisostomi

Marie Beatrice Brisson was born on 10 January 1920, she was the 9th of 16 children born to Omer Joseph Brisson, Sr. and Julia Anne Plante. Two of their children died the same day as their birth so she was the 7th living child.

With so many children in the family everyone grew up quickly and learned to help out to get everything done in the home and find jobs as soon as they could to simply survive the times. 

Aunt Bea worked as a waitress in many locations and helped to raise the younger ones as they came along. She also was a banquet server and a host which, combined with her own skills, made her a wonderful cook for many many years.

She married Alred Crisostomi on 21 June 1941 and lived in Providence, Rhode Island all her life. Here she had 3 children, Carmino, Robert and Julie Ann. She did all she could to raise her family and help her siblings with their families. 

These were very difficult times, the "Great Depression" was here and life was very hard, jobs were scarce but she maintained a positive attitude through all this and the loss of her husband and children.   

Over the years she became an inspiration to the many nieces and nephews she had along with her grandchildren and great grandchildren. When you  bring up Auntie Bea's name everyone smiles and says "she was such an inspiration to me and always knew exactly what to say to help me through anything at the time".

Her legacy is amazing as she leaves many grandchildren, great grandchildren and many more nieces and nephews who are scattered all over the United States. 

She passed away on December 26, 2014, a liitle over a year ago, she was 94. Even today speaking to one of her many descendants, they always say, "I miss calling and talking to Auntie Bea, she was always so positive and had the best outlook on life, she loved to go places and have fun"

In 2014, she was the 3rd sibling to pass away in this family. Her sister Jeannette Brisson Renza passed away on 22 Feb. 2014, then another sister, Lillian Brisson Anastasi on 11 June 2014 and then Beatrice Brisson Crisostomi. There two siblings still living, they also miss her daily cheerful phone calls as well as getting together and enjoying life.

May she rest in peace and know she is dearly missed by many.

Marie Beatrice (Brisson) Crisostomi: 10 Jan. 1920-26 Dec. 2014

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