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Gladys Hilda Wakefield: 1893-1983


Gladys Hilda Wakefield was born 10 July 1893, in Sawston, Cambridgeshire, England, the first of six children born to William Wakefield and Eliza Stubbings Chapman. At 17 she is listed in the 1911 England census as a domestic in London, England. 

Gladys married Ernest Reynolds Gimson on 30 September 1915 in Sawston, and settled in Linton, Cambridgeshire, England. An opportunity for a land grant brought Gladys, Ernest and their five children to settle in Fremantle, Western Australia in 1927, on the ship "Berrima". They carved a life for themselves, and built a general store. 

After their son, Ernest William Gimson, was reported Missing in Action off Malta in 1941, they eventually sold the store in 1944 and moved to Pendle Hills, New South Wales (NSW) where they shared poutry farming with Robert Gimson, his brother until 1958 when they purchased their own home in Guildford, NSW. Her husband passed away on 2 August 1961. She moved to the Mayflower Village in Westmead in 1980, and lived there till her passing on 3 December 1983 at the age of 90. 

She celebrated her 90th birthday, 10 July 1983, at this authors' home, in Tregear, NSW and blew out all 90 candles! She shared her contentment with her life. While there were some deep sorrows over the loss of two children, resettling in Western Australia and then in NSW, she stated she had a wonderful husband and a great family. We all miss her charm, wit, experience, and her love for the little ones as they were born. As of 2020, she has many direct descendants living in Australia and the U.S., an amazing legacy. This author married her first grandson. Her remains are located in Rookwood Memorial Gardens and Crematorium, Rookwood, NSW. 

Gladys Hilda [Wakefield] Gimson: 10 July 1893-3 December 1983

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Saturday, August 15, 2020

Aunt Ozina

On January 25, 1995, I interviewed my Aunt Ozina. Ozina Cora Marotte was born on August 15, 1908, to Alphonse Arthur Marotte and Lovina Theroux on Aug. 15, 1908, she was the oldest of 9 children, with my mother, Claire Virginie Marotte Brisson, being the youngest with almost 19 years apart. 

She spent most of her life as a Registered Nurse becoming one in 1933. Her father,  had the first Model T that did not need to be cranked, and learned to drive in it. She shared with me about her mother and how she played the piano and had a great green thumb. She would see a plant along a path that looked like it was dying; she would bring it home and nurse it to good health. When she got too old to have any more children she was very upset. Unfortunately, her mother passed away in 1945, Ozina had just turned 37 and had been married for five years.

Ozina was an accomplished organist, and in June, 1979 she became Grand Organist of the Eastern Star. 
Not having any children of her own, she was like our grandmother as she had passed away before we were born. She outlived two husbands, Eugene Baron and Dexter Stripp.

She taught me how to knit, and crochet using string, and sew my own clothes by helping me make my high school prom dress. Whenever possible, we would play cribbage and Scrabble together, go blue berry picking at her summer home and make the best blue berry muffins. All of us children and adults learned much about life from her as she shared of her own life experiences. Now, whenever we play either game, we always think of her and Uncle Gene, and how much we miss her but are so fortunate to have her in our lives. She is buried at Spring Brook Cemetery in Mansfield, Massachusetts with her first husband, Eugene Arthur Lewis Baron, and her mother-in-law, Annie Baron Slater.
Remembered: Ozina C. M. B. Stripp 1908-1997