Thursday, July 24, 2014

Pioneers-Who Are Yours?

With today being "Pioneer Day" in Utah, I couldn't help but reflect on the pioneers in my own family. The above photo of footsteps is but a small symbol in what most pioneers endured as they traveled from one country to another and settled in that new country. The mode of transport would match the time period they came to that new country in combination of where the old country was located.

While my ancestors helped to settle Quebec, Canada in the 1600s, my four main direct lines from my grandparents all came from Canada between 1850 and 1900 and migrated down to the New England area where there was work in the mills which allowed them to support their families.

The Legacy from my great grandparents as they all traveled through St. Albans, Vermont into the United States and settled in the New England Area are:

  • Elzear and Florentine (Soucy) Brisson immigrated in 1893 with 7 of their 9 children and Forentine was pregnant with their 8th. 
  • Laurent and Marie (Ruel) Plante immigrated in 1904 with their 7 children
  • Isaie-Gedeon and Josephte (Bougeois) Marotte immigrated in 1855 with 7 of their 8 children
  • Joseph and Alida/Elida (Labbe) Theroux immigrated in 1866 with 5 of their 7 children.
The conditions of their travel at that time was most likely walking just like most pioneers who are settling in a new country during that time period.

My heart goes out to each one of them in total gratitude for the sacrifices they all made to provide for a better life for their children and their descendants going forward.

Each of their descendants have gone on to settle and love the country they live in and have led or are leading productive lives.

Thank you to all those who are pioneers..

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