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Theodore Marotte

Theodore Marotte was born on 1 February, 1854 in Richelieu, Quebec, Canada to Isaie-Gedeon Marotte and Josephte Bourgeois. Eight children were born to this couple, the first seven were born in Canada and Theodore was the seventh, with the eigth child, a sister, being born in Burlington, Vermont in 1860.

The first US Census we find Theodore was taken on 18 July 1860 and he is living with his family in Burlington, Vermont. This fits right in with the immigration information listed on his application; it states he immigrated in November, 1855 through St. Albans, Vermont which was the port of entry from Quebec into the United States at this time. He was naturalized on 2 November 1888.

The census records states his father was a tin smith. He is listed as a 'car builder' in the 1880 census but other censuses list him as a carpenter. He was someone who had multiple talents with his hands. His family stayed in Burlington, Vermont for the 1870 census also, but by the 1880 census he was in Pawtucket, Rhode Island living with his wife, Eliza Audette and their first child, Albena F. Marotte. Cora Anne, Alphonse, Alma and Alfred Eugene came along quickly and by 1885 they were expecting their sixth child.

Henry was born on 13 Feb 1888 and lived for 15 days, however, his mother died 8 days after his birth which was devasting to Theodore. It was a very difficult time in his life as he had five children to take care of and yet he had to work to support them. Family members helped out during this diffcult time and he remarried on 30 Jan 1889 to Adeline Ratte.

The family moved to Central Falls where he stayed for a number of years and changed his trade to being a carpenter as listed in the 1900 US Census. He had two more children with Adeline, George and Flora Bell. Eventually he moved back to Burlington, Vermont with his family and stayed there till his death on 31 March 1921. He continued his carpentry work in Burlington designing all different types of kitchen cabinets and any other household item made of wood. He built a large clientele and was very successful in his trade. He is buried in Vermont with Adeline.

His remaining five children with Eliza all migrated back to Pawtucket, Rhode Island where they stayed, married and had their families. The two children he had with Adeline stayed in Burlington, Vermont. George never married but Flora Bell did and her descendants are scattered throughout New England as have the descendants of the other five children. Each of them have varying talents and if he were to look down he would be pleased at the many accomplishment of them all.

His grave and photo are posted at FindAGrave:

Theodore Marotte: 1854-1921