Sunday, September 21, 2008

Aunt Ozina

On January 25, 1995, I had the pleasure of interviewing my Aunt Ozina. Born Ozina Cora Marotte to Alphonse Marotte and Lovina Theroux on Aug. 15, 1908, she was the oldest of 9 children, with my mother being the youngest making them almost 19 years apart. She spent most of her life as a Registered Nurse and became one in 1933. She was also an accomplished organist and in June, 1979 she became Grand Organist of the Eastern Star. Her father had a Model T, it was the first model that did not need to be cranked. She learned to drive in it. She shared with me about her mother and how she played the piano and had a great green thumb. She would spot a plant along a path that looked like it was dying; she would bring it home and nurse it to good health. When she got too old to have any more children she was very upset about that.

Not having any children of her own, she was like our grandmother as she had passed away before we were born. She outlived two husbands, Eugene Baron and Dexter Stripp.

She taught me how to knit, crochet and sew my own clothes. She was also a great cribbage and Scrabble player, who taught us all so many things about life while we were all growing up. Everytime we play either game, we always think of her and how much fun we had each and every time.

Remembered: Ozina C. M. B. Stripp 1908-1997